Everything is Sexy in Miami!

Miami was a quick weekend getaway. Few of my friends were going down there and it was two of their birthdays. They all went a few days before I did. I literally was leaving Newark on Friday after work at 7:30p and then leaving Florida on Sunday at the butt crack of dawn.
Instead of going directly to Miami I went from 2 Fort Lauderdale. And the ticket was $200 round trip. BOOM! Unfortunately my flight was delayed four hours. I didn’t leave Newark till 11::30 p.m.. I arrived at Fort Lauderdale around 1:30am and then took an Uber to Miami which is about 45 minute drive. Once I got to our rented apartment, everybody was coming back from whatever they were doing. So I missed out on all the fun. However, one of my friends (out of the 10 others that were on vacay with me) and I stayed up and rode around on little motorbikes!! Mind you, at this point,it’s like 4am. At 1st I was a little scared, but if you rode a bike before you can ride on these little motorbikes. It was so much fun!! We rode around for about 15-20 minutes. We didnt go too far, we just kept going up-and-down on Ocean Ave.
We had a nice rooftop apartment with a big ass balcony where we can drink and smoke and listen to music from a club RIGHT next door and one Right on the first floor of our building. AND you get to watch whats going on right there on the South Beach Strip! It was AWESOME SAUCE! *singing*
So we rode around for about 15 minutes before returning the scooters and came back to the apartment. Now, it was almost 5am in the morning. I was excited and was drunk and I was tired as hell. I came in and went right to sleep. Being that everybody was already there a few days before I arrived, everybody have their bed so I ended up sleeping on the couch in the living Room which is cool. But I woke up early as hell. I had to wake up because everybody was walking through the living Room so I had no choice but to wake my ass up. So now it’s about 7:00 a.m. I was just laying around and dozing off here and there on the couch. Finally around 10am, me and my friend, (The Birthday Girl) decided to go to the beach. We were literally on the beach for 5 minutes before we got the call to come and ride the motorbikes again. This time it was about 6 of us and we rode all over South Beach. When I tell you I had such an amazing time riding the motorbike on the main road with the cars I felt like such a dare devil! I always hated motorcycles but this made me re- think if a motorcycle is really as bad or is it as easy as motorbikes. We rode around for at least 3 hours. Honestly, that was THEE highlight of my short weekend getaway! Everytime I go to Miami, I will be renting a motorbike!!
Anywho, I had down time so I ended up going to Wynwood Art District with my same friend who was riding the motorbike with me at 4am. His wife joined us and we were on our way. At first, I thought it was one big place with art. Not knowing it was a whole neighborhood with art on almost every building we passed! It was so dope. We went to Wynwood Walls, which was basically an art gallery outdoors. The canvas was on the side of buildings. You will see from my pictures. We found a taxi driver that drove us and waited for us. We were only there for about 15-20 minutes. I was glad I came instead of the beach. I had never heard of Wynwood Art District before.
We headed back to the apartment and the woman who we rented from seemed pretty cool. She had been cooking dinner everyday that everyone was there. So I came back to her cooking and people just hanging out. So we continued to drink and bug out and talk shit. Then it was time to go out on the last night. We were all dressed in white and red to celebrate 2 of our friends birthdays. For $35, we had 2 hour open bar at a club right next to us. Then a stretch SUV Limo with suicide doors to take us to the main event club. Not bad, right?! Now the promoter told us the limo leaves at 11p SHARP. Naturally we were ready by 11. However, that club didnt open till 12:30. So it dropped us off mad early. (Rolling my eyes)
The 10 minute ride to the club was kind of lit! We shared the limo with other club goers. After 2 hours of open bar, there was a lot of happiness in the truck. We arrived at the club early and decided to take group pictures. Then out of nowhere all hell broke loose. There was some drama that happened and we ended up not even going inside the club.
After 1a I was annoyed and hungry. So I got food from a Mediterranean restaurant across the street from the club that wouldn’t let us in. And then me m my friend walked back to our apartment. I was tired but vowed not to sleep since my flight was leaving Ft. Lauderdale at 6am. However, I cat napped for 3 hours or so and was ready to go home. I missed my Lola!! (That’s my daughter Cat)
So in short, I had a great weekend getaway at a good price. I’m a daredevil based off how I was riding those motorbikes. I saw the artsy side of Miami. And I didnt even spend too much money!
I hope you enjoy pictures from my trip!

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