My Lovely Cayman Islands Vacay (Blog)

This trip was everything I thought and more! It was all love, it was happiness, it was joyous, it was amazing! To travel in a group can be fun or a disaster. Luckily for us, this was fun! For all of us to have traveled together for the first time, there were no arguments. Except with the spouses. They were always play arguing. Or arguing for real. Who knows? Everyone just kept saying what a great time they were having. Have you ever planned something and it turned out the way you hoped?  The weather was 84゚ and Sunny for all the days that I was there.

Now,  before I continue any further, anytime I travel I get some weed within an hour of arriving at the hotel. However I didn’t get it till the evening time on Thursday which is unlike me. So I was a little bit irritable. I had a lot and nobody really smoked with me so I had to give away a lot when I was leaving.

The 1st night I was there which was Thursday we went to a karaoke bar. My friend had a surprise for her fiance and told him that she was pregnant! She performed a B.O.B  song and then sat him in the chair and gave him a Box with her ultrasound photo and these cute little Nike sandals! That set the tone for the rest of the night. Everyone was just so HAPPY!
I’m a self proclaimed karaoke Queen, so I definitely performed too. I did Cardi B’s Bodak yellow (Full video available on my YouTube page) What can I say? I’m internationally known on the microphone! This karaoke bar had a pavilion where they sold jerk pork and chicken. So we ate and drank and took pics and videos of everyone in our group that performed. When I was leaving JFK to go to Cayman, I bought some alcohol from the duty free shop which makes a lot of sense because it’s much cheaper than buying from a Cayman Island liquor store. I’m so glad I thought about that.  I bought a bottle of Captain Morgan and champagne for only $33 Cayman Islands a problem would paid $40 for the Captain Morgan. So I brought my flask with me everywhere I went and I didn’t really have to purchase drinks. After that we went to a bar among the local young folk. Nothing to fancy and we had some more drinks.
The next day we went on a boat and swam with sting ray, snorkeled and went to Rum Point Island to eat crappy food. I was hoping they would have my seafood that I was craving but their menu was wack as hell. We didn’t have much time to explore Rum Point, so we just sat by the beautiful beach and just ate reminisced on all the fun we had. Swimming with the Stingray was scary at first. There were so many of them. Then I had the nerve to wear a gold ass bathing suit that seemed to attract them. It felt like ALL the Stingray in Cayman were coming toward me. And that was after I kissed a Stingray. So she must’ve told all the others that my kisses were amazing. Either that or they thought I was a big ass disco ball. (LOL) But I stayed in the water until it was time to go. Most of  the group did not come in the water or they were in the water for 5 minutes. At the end of the trip we were all exhausted and hungry. When we got back to hotel, we arraigned to meet up for dinner. So I had a bit of time and went to the beach at the hotel for a bit before I went back to the room to shower and take a nap. After dinner, it was a wrap! I could barely walk and wished I could float back to my room. All I remember was stripping and getting into bed. I didn’t wake up till 10am next morning.Some of the group went out to party but I sure as hell hit the bed after dinner. Oh, and my phone got wet and would not charge. I couldn’t use my phone the rest of the trip. I put it in the bag of rice for 2 days.

On the last night of the trip, the remaining of the group all went to dinner and I was able to treat myself to the seafood dinner I craved the whole trip. The crab legs were subpar though. Not as delicious as when I make it, but not everyone can be like me, sooooo.

I was at the beach Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I was unable to go on Saturday because I had important business to attend to. I could have went on Monday morning before I had to be at airport, but I was this relaxing before and went into town to get souvenirs. I did not want to rush. So at the end of the trip, I felt rejuvenate and revived. It was a much needed vacation at the right time. When I got home, I tried my luck with my phone and it started charging!

Then I turned on the phone and received some bad news. My uncle had a stroke that very same morning that I arrived back home. He was in the hospital on life support and it wasn’t looking good. I will have an update for you later.

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