My Mukbang / ASMR Eating Obsession

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Have you ever heard of Mukbang or ASMR Eats? Mukbang is a such an ugly name for something so interesting and so great! The word mukbang is a portmanteau of the Korean words for “eating” (meokneun) and “broadcast” ( bangsong). BTW, portmanteau means the linguistic blend of words. So like I was saying, someone knew my love of Crab Legs and tagged me on an IG Post from Bloveslife2. When I first tuned in, I was fascinated by the size of the King Crab Legs and the Lobsters. I couldn’t believe how much seafood she was eating. But the one thing that annoyed me, was they way she smacked and chewed her food. When I tell you I HATED the way she smacked her food, I mean it really irked the shit out of me! But now, one month later, i love it. It part of the whole Mukbang package. She opened up the world of Mukbang to me. I started watching others eat noodles or sushi and sashimi. Some of the things I would never eat, but i was fascinated with how they chewed. How there lips looked like when they chewed and even down to how they held the food as they stuffed it into their mouth. Anytime I watch the videos, It’s like I am in a dam trance. I go through many 1-minute IG Videos and before I know it, 2 hours has passed. It’s insane how long I can watch these videos! My only saving grace is that I only do 1-minute videos, these Mukbang celebrities have 30-minute videos on Youtube. (ain’t nobody got time for that) **insert rolling eyes** People eat Honey Combs… not the cereal… the real honey combs that bees eat. They eat sweets from all over the world. They recently just did a 20 chicken nugget challenge. I really don’t care for these other things, I mainly enjoy the King Crab legs, huge ass shrimps or prawns and nice size lobsters. Bloveslife2, (the one who smacks when she eats her food) made a seafood boil sauce that EVERYONE uses. I just need to try it. I don’t want to see anyone eat little punk ass crab legs… No! I need the King Crab joints! When I come across Mukbang with little ass crab legs, I roll my eyes and move on.

Now ASMR eats is sometimes associated with Mukbang.  ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous sensory meridian response. The purpose of ASMR is to basically relax people and ASMR  is constantly growing on Youtube.  ASMR videos are meant to give the viewer a relaxing tingle at the back of their head and spine. Some people do it with speaking in a low tone, almost like whispering. This is not what i care about. ASMR Eating is when they have a microphone close to their mouths and they chew the food. Some sounds are crunchy, gooey, or just the sound of  their tongues massaging the roof of their mouths. This doesn’t seem to tingle my spine or brain. I feel the tingles in other parts. (my lady parts)I don’t know why its so sensual to me! To me, this is TRULY food porn! I don’t know if I need a therapist or if I am normal. Some people get paid by ads and have millions of subscribers. I do think about doing this Mukbang and ASMR Eating. And it will only be for seafood!! I want seafood companies to sponsor me with free King Crab legs until I am so sick of it!  Are you as weird as me? Are we even weird? Let me know your thoughts on Mukbang.

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