Quinoa Salad Recipe


1st of all, I was never to intrested in Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah). I used to pronounce it kin-no-ah! I really don’t remember what persuaded me to make Quinoa Salad. All I know is I looked up a recipe and chose ingredients that tickled my pickle. (Graciously enjoy) And I just whipped it up! Little did I know, it was freaking amazing and everybody was going to love it! Its actually what people request I bring to a gathering if it isn’t my Jerk Pork Shoulder or my Meatballs… (recipes will soon come)
You can pretty much add whatever it is you like in Quinoa Salad. The recipe I’m giving you is what I enjoy but you can also add more ingredients or just not use some of what I used. Either way you are going to love it!


1 cup Quinoa
1 container Grape Tomatoes (cut into 4’s)
1 Cucumber (Diced)
1 or 2 Fresh Garlic Cloves (I use in EVERYTHING)
2 cups Feta Cheese
2 cups Kalamata or Green Olives (cut in halves)
2 cups Dry Cherries or Cranberries or Blueberries (I get from Aldi)
Cilantro (chopped)
Fresh Lime Juice (half a lime)
Raspberry Vinaigrette (I get from Aldi)
Three Cheese Vinaigrette (I get from Aldi)
Italian Dressing

I put quinoa in a pot and a pour water over it to cover the quinoa. Sometimes you’ll get some floaty grains of quinoa on the top. That’s fine, you can use your finger to mix it so it goes back down. I let it sit in water for about 10 minutes. Then I rinse out the water while I run my hands through quinoa to clean it. Empty the water and then I fill the pot up again and repeat the process at least three times so that the water is clear and ready to cook.
If you use one cup of quinoa, make sure to use 2 cups of water. I mix the quinoa with water and cook it on low heat, covered for about 20 mins. (Follow quinoa cooking instructions)at this point you can add the garlic so that it cooks with the quinoa. When it’s done cooking, you can mash the garlic clove up and mix it in with the quinoa. (You can also save the garlic clove and dice it with the other ingredients so you use fresh instead of cooked garlic. That tends to add a flavor and a but of spiciness to it) I used to add half of a chicken Bullion cube. But now some people are vegan so I just use adobo and cook it in the water. I cook it for about 20 minutes. When that’s cooking, I’m dicing in cutting up all the other ingredients. When it’s done I let the Quinoa chill out for a bit. I usually put in a separate bowl in the fridge. You want to make sure you don’t put hot quinoa with the fresh veggies and fruits. It will wilt everything down. Once quinoa has cooled down, mix EVERYTHING together. And then I put the dressings in. You dont have to use all three. You can even make your own vinaigrette and put it in. You may also add black pepper and even avocado. Add salt or Adobe to taste. It’s a salad, so you really dont need to add much salt.
And VOILA, the Quinoa Salad is ready to go! Its healthy, crisp, and refreshing. It’s good for summertime cookouts, ladies night, or Friendsgiving. I know it sounds like alot, but it really is quick and easy to make. The hardest part is remembering to pick up everything from the store. Trust me, if you forget an ingredient, as the chef, it will piss you off and make you think it’s no good. But everyone will still love it. Either way, tell me how you like it and if you used different ingredients!

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  1. Why have I never made a Mediterranean inspired quinoa?! This inspired me thanks. Side note i know my quinoa is done when it resembles an ovum. If the eggs are broken it’s over cooked. Lol

    1. I love Mediterranean anything! lol How do you usually eat your quinoa? i can’t eat it like rice.. I only like it in my salad.

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