Time to Kickbox?!!


I gained about 10 pounds this summer and I feel it in my lower back and my knees. I’m not a gym rat, nor have I ever been AND I never want to be. In fact, I HATE the gym. I can’t imagine running on a treadmill or riding a bike or doing the dam stair master as a fun thing to do. I was not even above liposuction or weight-loss surgery. So when my girl Kay told me about a new kickboxing gym opening up downtown Newark, I got excited. The things that interest me the most to lose weight is dancing, playing sports, and kickboxing! So I’ve already paid the application fee, I waited for them to open. I’ve already envisioned my post kickboxing body, and I already know, that I will not be too ashamed to walk around in a bikini at Aldi or Shop Rite.

Now with all the booty chatter out the way, let me be real. I went for 2 days and did not go back for 2 weeks! I know, I know!!! The thing is, I hate pain! And for someone who hasn’t worked out in a long time, I was scared. I was scared of the aches and pains. I did finally go back yesterday and I did not even want to go then. But I pushed through, did as much as I could do, and you know what?! It wasn’t even that bad! After an hour, I felt accomplished! It’s just the initial dreadful feeling that will make you want to quit. Just ignore that little quitting voice, and go! I promise you will feel good after!

So will this be my new body close to 40? I know I will have a new sense of confidence for the THIRD time in my 30s! I will keep you posted on my kickboxing journey. I’m a lil nervous about my knees though. Wish me luck!


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