Tribute to my Late Great Uncle Attu


53 years young and it was time for you to go. It was sudden and unexpected. And to make matters worse, your birthday is coming up only a few days (Thanksgiving) after you left us. You always encouraged me to be me when most others didn’t understand. I still can hear your booming laughter and voice. I am terrible at keeping touch and once in a while you would call me to check up on me and talk. I’ve always appreciated and loved that. I love how you use to call my mom and tell her to meet you in NYC and you would take her out for a fun filled day. She would always be so happy when she came home and tell me all about it. We are all saddened by your untimely death. I still can’t believe it. When me and Mom went to go see you in the hospital, it was hard to look at you unconscious with all those tubes everywhere, yet I could not take my eyes off you trying to imagine that I might never see or hear you again.

My Mom was crying for you in the hospital calling your name over and over and I got annoyed at her displaying her grief. I guess I was annoyed because I grieve different. I’d rather be alone and cry for you. But everyone will have to handle it their own way. There are times I am fine, and then there are times your voice will pop up in my head and I start crying. I just want to know you are alright.

I even got mad at God. How can we be praying to the same God that did not save you? I prayed and prayed for you to get better. I even felt it in my bones that you would wake up. My Mom felt you would wake up and see all the tubes and ask what happened? The same God that you preached to people about… The same God that you loved… The same God you seek and prayed to everyday… Is the same God who let you die. I sometimes question if there even really is a God.

You preached the word of God to those wanting to listen and people loved your bubbly and outgoing personality. People loved the way you dressed. In fact, when I went to see you, I met a lady who came to visit and she said you preached at her church. She said you were perfectly “fine” with your red suit on. That you were happy and stylish (as usual) and she just did not believe that this happened to you the very next day.

Just know we all love you and will miss  you deeply.

Rest In Perfect Peace Uncle Attu.

11/23/1964 – 11/17/2018

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  1. Beautifully said regarding your Uncle. It is true that he was team Neices and Nephews all day long and then some. He never judged any of you and only wanted to be a beacon of light to each and everyone of you. His expression of Love towards all of you surpassed that of just an Uncle. He tried his best to be a pillar and advocate for you all. Hugs BEAUTIFUL, from him and me.♥️♥️♥️💯🕎 to Ms. A 🎤 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

    1. thank you Auntie!!! thats true. he was a great uncle to all of us. Seeing my cousins tribute lets me know that he was there for all of us!! ill miss him so much. Thank you for reading and I love you!! <3 <3

  2. Loved the Miami trip. I especially liked the picture of you with the elephant since that is your favorite animal. I liked seeing on the motorbike but I would have loved it more if you were wearing a helmet Miss A.

    Continue to love life and enjoy the good times. Just make sure you remember YAHWEH and give him his glory and praise time as well. And you can do that anywhere you are standing.

    What I say daily is: THQNK YOU FATHER BECAUSE I KNOW YOU HAVE BLESSED ME!!!!!!!!!💯🕎🦁

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